Become a One Man Army !

The Scythe increases your harvesting efficiency by up to 10 times, whereby one man alone can harvest one acre in a day’s work.
Why depend on hired labour or combines when you can do the job yourself?

Cost ! What Cost ?

The Scythe pays itself back within one harvesting season, with zero running and zero maintenance costs over its entire lifetime.
Save big on costs and trouble!

Enjoy Harvesting !

Scything transforms a daily chore into an enjoyable activity
At its best, it can be a transcendental experience
forg squat

Forget Squatting !
Forget Pain ! 

The Scythe has an ergonomic design which helps to harvest while standing.
No drudgery, no discomfort.

Embrace Skill !

To reap maximum benefits from the scythe, a certain skillset is required.
Learn a new skill, boost your self reliance and get empowered!

embrace skill

Become One with Nature !

NO Fumes! NO Pollution!
The Scythe is powered by the greenest and most renewable source of energy – You!
Harvest your way to a healthier future!


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