Scythe Kit Premium

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All natural. Hand Made. Quality Workmanship. Provides the best experience. Comes equipped with our premium blade, an ash wood snath (handle) and all other accessories required for maintenance and sharpening.

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The Premium Scythe Kit is a notch above all other kits we have in stock. The kit is packed with all the necessary stuff to get you started

    • Premium Blade– 55 cm all purpose blade suitable for mowing wheat, paddy, barseem, jowar, green fodder and a host of other crops
    • Wooden Snath – Hand picked ash wood crafted with finesse. Add to that an all wooden ergonomic grip. Comes in two parts which can be easily assembled using an aluminum bracket.
    • Grain Cradle- Four curved ribs and three vertical posts assembled to form a fan like attachment that supports, sweeps and lays the crop in neat rows. All wood body
    • Maintenance Kit– Peening Jig with two caps and a hammer. Useful for cold shaping and thinning out the blade’s edge. Watch this video for more details on what is peening and how it is done
    • Sharpening Kit- One Synthetic stone, One Natural Stone and a Stone holder for honing your blade and keeping it razor sharp. Click here and here to watch tutorials
    • Tool Kit– The bundle of small tools needed for assembly and upkeep of your scythe. Contains 1 attachment ring, 1 L bracket, 1 allen key, spanner, nuts and bolts