दस बराबर एक आदमी !

विकल्प साइथ आपकी कटाई की गति को 1o गुना बढ़ता है, इतनी की एक आदमी एक दिन में एक एकड़ की कटाई कर सकता है ।
जब अपना काम ख़ुद ही कर सकते है तो अब कम्बाइन या लेबर पर निर्भरता कैसी?

Cost! What Cost?

The Scythe pays itself back within one harvesting season,
With zero running and zero maintenance costs over its entire lifetime.
Save big on cost and trouble!

Enjoy Harvesting!

Scything transforms a daily chore into an enjoyable activity
At its best, it can be a transcendental experience
forg squat

Forget Squatting!
Forget Pain! 

The Scythe has an ergonomic design which helps to harvest while standing.
No drudgery, no discomfort.

Embrace Skill!

To reap maximum benefits from the scythe, a certain skillset is required.
Learn a new skill, boost your self reliance and get empowered!
embrace skill

Become One with Nature!

NO Fumes! NO Pollution!
The Scythe is powered by the greenest and most renewable source of energy – You!
Harvest your way to a healthier future!


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